The VA Mission Act of 2018 and Potential Opportunities for Providers


After a concerted effort, the bipartisan bill to reform the way care is delivered to Veterans has been signed into law. While there are a number of significant reforms, perhaps none are so critical as those related to the ability of Covered Veterans (the Veteran)  to receive their care outside of the current VA system, and from private health care providers. Through the establishment of the Veterans Community Care Program, a system will be created which will allow qualifying services to be provided to Veterans who, under the provisions of the VA Mission Act of 2018 (The Act) are not able to receive timely and appropriate care to which the Veteran is entitled. While it will take some time to implement, providers may wish to begin to consider whether and how they would like to position themselves to serve this new population. What follows is an informational overview for potential providers of services to Veterans.

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Orthopedics: The New Darling of Private Equity


The past decade has seen a tremendous amount of private equity investment in physician practice recapitalizations, primarily in hospital-based practices such as anesthesiology and radiology as well as “retail medicine practices” like dermatology and ophthalmology/optometry, to name a few.  Orthopedics, on the other hand, has received less attention from investors for a few reasons. First, the business characteristics that make orthopedics attractive to private investors—namely the ability to create leverage through ancillary services—have allowed orthopedic group practices to remain independent and not seek outside capital. In addition, and equally as important, orthopedic physicians have a tendency to prefer independence.

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Health Care Policy Newsletter

Foley & Lardner LLP’s (“Foley”) Bipartisan Public Policy Team is pleased to share our “Public Policy Weekly  Health Care Newsletter” in which we compile the latest health care policy news and legislation.

*Please note that we publish this newsletter only when Congress is in session.

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The Resurgence of the Ambulatory Surgery Center: Seven Considerations for Ownership


After a prolonged period of stagnant growth primarily due to a glut of capacity coupled with flat or declining revenue growth, we’re beginning to see a resurgence of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs).  In fact, experts are forecasting a significant growth spurt in the ASC industry including de novo growth.  This growth is likely precipitated by the move toward outpatient care, especially into more focused, efficient, and cost effective settings, such as ASCs.

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Kentucky’s New Telehealth Law Expands Insurance Coverage and Reimbursement


Kentucky health care providers and patients will soon enjoy a revamped, and significantly improved, telehealth commercial insurance coverage law.  Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin signed SB 112 into law on April 26, 2018, imposing both telehealth coverage and payment parity requirements for Kentucky Medicaid, Medicaid managed care organizations, and commercial health plans in the Bluegrass State.  The law is effective July 1, 2019.

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