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Update: Private Investment in Health Care Entities in New York

Despite the New York State Legislature’s second attempt at allowing private equity investment in health care entities, the recently adopted 2014-2015 budget did not include the proposed two-year pilot program that would have established up to five eligible for-profit corporations as owners or operators of hospitals. The program was meant to “assist in restructuring health … Continue reading this entry

Big Data: Is Your Health Care Organization Prepared?

Big Data has become a big buzzword, but many healthcare organizations are just beginning to determine how to put Big Data to work for them. With the adoption of electronic health records and the transition to ICD-10, hospitals and other healthcare organizations are collecting more data than ever. One analyst predicts that by 2020, the … Continue reading this entry

New York Reconsidering Private Equity Investment in Health Care Entities

New York State is again considering whether to allow private equity investment in health care facilities after the first proposal to do so was dropped from the 2013-2014 enacted budget due to a lack of support. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2014-2015 budget proposal calls for a two-year pilot program, subject to the Public Health and Health Planning Council’s … Continue reading this entry

OSHA Extends a Helping (Electronic) Hand to Health Care Facilities

What U.S. industry recorded nearly 250,000 work-related injuries and illnesses in 2012, costing employers approximately $2 billion in expenses? If you guessed construction or manufacturing, guess again. According to the Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), statistics show that the likelihood of injury or illness resulting in days away from work is higher in hospitals … Continue reading this entry